Unicaf University

The Annual Unicaf Conference 2018: in Dubai 3-4 August 2018



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Unicaf University

I am teaching for Unicaf University and Partners:

  • the Unicaf University Doctoral Program, supervision of doctoral students


Unicaf University:

  • Professional Development

Marymount California University, USA: I am teaching online in the MBA program

  • Organizational Strategy and Planning MCU-BUS 561 (MBA Program)
  • Fieldwork Exploration MCU-BUS 597 (MBA Program)
  • Research Seminar I: Project proposal MCU_BUS 697
  • Research Seminar II: Presentation MCU-BUS689
  • Global Entrepreneurship and Economic Development MCU-BUS 535
  • Innovation Management MCU-BUS 515
  • Economics for Planning MCU-ECO 520



University of Nicosia, Cyprus: I am teaching online in the BBA program:

  • Business Ethics, Environment and CSR GEN 350
  • Behavioural Sciences GEN-150
  • Management MGT-250


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