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Webinar on Time Management on Thursday 16 July 2020 11h00 Luxembourg time

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Time Management for Work and Life Balance

This is a great opportunity for working professionals and students to learn how to manage their time successfully to achieve more in their lives.

Aims of the Webinar
The webinar will provide practical tips and advice on how to use your time in the most efficient way to achieve the most, how to plan your day so that you can be more productive, how to avoid time-wasters, and how to feel less pressured and more capable in your work and in your life.

Benefits to participants
By learning how to manage your time more efficiently you will be able to finish tasks faster, you will feel less pressure, you will be able to do more and you will feel happier.

Jul 16, 2020 12:00 PM in Nicosia

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The Annual Unicaf Conference 2019: in Cape Town, South Africa 30-31 August 2019

With my doctoral student Rose Mbaziira



With my 2 doctoral students Rose Mbaziira and Abebe Shibru



My Interactive Workshop on Time Management

IMG-20190830-WA0054 - 2

The Unicaf Conference:

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20190827_103338   Table Mountain

20190828_102640 20190828_110322 20190828_114715 20190828_080819 20190828_081024



Cape of Good Hope

20190827_144404 20190827_155408 20190827_165632 20190827_165636



Sunset                                          20190827_181507


At the beach



Table Mountain and Lion’s Head


20190831_085635 20190831_085638(0) 20190831_112359 20190831_112423


The Annual Unicaf Conference 2018: in Dubai 3-4 August 2018



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P1150227  P1150251 P1150313 P1150362 P1150372





Unicaf University

I am teaching for Unicaf University and Partners:

  • the Unicaf University Doctoral Program, supervision of doctoral students


Unicaf University:

  • Professional Development

Marymount California University, USA: I am teaching online in the MBA program

  • Organizational Strategy and Planning MCU-BUS 561 (MBA Program)
  • Fieldwork Exploration MCU-BUS 597 (MBA Program)
  • Research Seminar I: Project proposal MCU_BUS 697
  • Research Seminar II: Presentation MCU-BUS689
  • Global Entrepreneurship and Economic Development MCU-BUS 535
  • Innovation Management MCU-BUS 515
  • Economics for Planning MCU-ECO 520



University of Nicosia, Cyprus: I am teaching online in the BBA program:

  • Business Ethics, Environment and CSR GEN 350
  • Behavioural Sciences GEN-150
  • Management MGT-250


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