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I am co-author of: Rozkwitalska, M., Sulkowski, L. & Magala, S. (Ed) (2017) Intercultural Interactions in the Multicultural Workplace. Springer Verlag.




Intercultural Interactions in the Multicultural Workplace

Traditional and Positive Organizational Scholarship

Editors: Rozkwitalska, Małgorzata, Sułkowski, Łukasz, Magala, Slawomir (Eds.)

  • Explores the work environment in multinational corporations
  • Broadens readers’ understanding of intercultural encounters in intra-organizational, inter-organizational and multinational contexts
  • Contributes to positive cross-cultural scholarship research

This volume explores the work environment in multinational corporations. To do so, it integrates studies on the organizational sciences, cross-cultural management, positive psychology and sociology within a single comprehensive framework. Twenty-two authors from six countries identify the challenges in multicultural workplaces, the positives of interactions, cultural clashes and their organizational preconditions. They add inter-organizational, institutional and critical perspectives to the analysis within the framework of multinationals and complex, hybrid cultural environments. The book addresses the needs of researchers in the areas of intercultural management, and those of practitioners in international human resource management.

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