BAM British Academy of Management Conference 05-07 September 2017 in Warwick Business School



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BAM British Academy of Management Conference 06-08 September 2016 in Newcastle, UK – Thriving in Turbulent Times


BAM is pleased to announce that the 30th Annual Conference will be hosted by Newcastle University from the 6th – 8th September 2016.


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BAM British Academy of Management Conference 07-10 September 2015 in Portsmouth, UK – The Value of Pluralism in Advancing Management Research, Education and Practice

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You can see the conference programme by clicking here:



The Value of Pluralism in Advancing Management Research, Education and Practice

In recent years, it has become evident that pluralism is a defining characteristic of management research, education, and practice. Management research draws upon a diverse range of research paradigms and methodologies to address fundamental social science questions and business research problems. Management education, similarly, draws upon multiple pedagogies and theories of learning to develop social scientists with a focus on work and organisation as well as managers who have both technical skills and well developed moral and emotional insight. The pluralistic nature of organisations as collections of diverse groupings with their own cultural norms, values, and identities has made corporate governance structures, strategy making processes, operations, marketing and human resource management procedures more pluralistic in nature as they seek to engage with an increasingly varied set of stakeholders.

However, while such pluralism has contributed greatly to advancing management research, education, and practice, there have been institutional pressures towards greater homogenization. Measurement and evaluation systems which are applied to research, funding, learning and teaching may, perhaps inadvertently, reward conformity rather than recognising excellent work in its own terms. Popular discourse can lead to stakeholder expectations which underplay the complexity of organizational and business life. Thus, the benefits of a pluralistic approach, enabling dialogue between positions of difference, incorporating systematic, radical and interpretivist approaches (amongst others) is worthy of attention and debate. The dynamics towards diversity on the one hand and inclusivity on the other raise a series of questions that should be of interest to BAM 2015 delegates:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of a pluralistic orientation to management research?
  • How might management knowledge and education be developed through pedagogical and theoretical debates?
  • How can context-specificity and difference be incorporated into recognised practices of management?

The BAM2015 conference is intended to facilitate dialogue and open debate in management research, education and practice. Portsmouth Business School is the ideal place to discuss these and other questions related to the value of pluralism. It is based in a city that has transformed itself from an old maritime city to a city with a diverse mix of the old in Old Portsmouth and the new in the form of Gunwharf Quays and with renewed pride in its multiple traditions in maritime, literature, and the arts. The school is also based in a university that has pioneered research in areas as varied as cosmology and brain surgery.

As a faculty, Portsmouth Business School has been able to balance the dynamic of diversity and inclusivity to great effect. With regards research, the faculty has encouraged diversity through the recent setting up of various research groups – ranging from business logistics to sports – and seed funding various research projects whilst ensuring inclusivity by making the largest Portsmouth entry to the 2014 Research Evaluation Framework exercise. In its teaching, the faculty encourages diversity by developing state of the art facilities for innovative teaching such as the Technology Enhanced Active Learning rooms whilst ensuring inclusivity by providing an AMBA approved MBA course.


The Portsmouth BAM conference, 8-10 September was my third BAM conference after Belfast and Liverpool. After the Titantic Museum in Belfast and the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, it was difficult to top the event location. However, the Guild Hall was a fantastic venue, dinner was excellent and dancing just absolutely perfect. A big thank you to Monika and the team for organising this great event. Besides the Gala Dinner, the SIG dinner and private events, conference sessions were an ideal location for academic exchange among professionals. Giving feedback and receiving feedback in a relaxed but professional way is key for the success of the BAM conference. The animated discussions in the various sessions I chaired or presented are testimonies for this excellent exchange of ideas and bringing research further, receiving input for further research ideas and ideas. Bravo, congratulations for an excellent conference, especially the weather! See you all in Newcastle in 2016“.



BAM British Academy of Management Conference 09-11 September 2014 in Belfast, Northern Ireland – The Role of the Business School in Supporting Social and Economic Development


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BAM British Academy of Management Conference 10-12 September 2013 in Liverpool
“Managing to make a difference”

BAM2013 Delegates Provide Testimonials for the Event


Delegates from the BAM2013 Conference have kindly provided BAM with some testimonials from the event to encourage new delegates to attend the BAM2014 Conference. (14th November 2013)

Please read on to hear what they had to say:

This was my first BAM conference experience. There were so many positive aspects, it’s difficult to select some. I especially appreciated the PDW Professional Development Workshop, how to write an effective review, especially meeting the authors was an experience: a paper is written by real humans, the review I wrote was addressed to real people and I had the opportunity to tell them my judgement into their eyes, not easy! It is different to write a review on your computer, being negative maybe impolite, but in front of the real person who wrote the paper, it all becomes different. Besides this, I appreciated my own joint presentation and the following discussion in the audience. I also was given the opportunity of being session chair, the last session on Thursday evening and had the opportunity to accept authors from South Korea who asked me the permission to present in my session, as their flight was delayed one day – instead of arriving on Wednesday they only arrived on Thursday morning and came directly from the airport to our session. We had 4 paper presentations instead of 3, shortening each presentation a bit, we had a fantastic session, making it really interesting, even though it was late and people tired after the wonderful Gala Dinner in the Anglican Church and dancing to the Beatles.
Dr Ursula Schinzel______________________________________________

The BAM (British Academy of Management) Conference took place 10-12 September 2013 in Liverpool, hosted by Liverpool University Management School. This year’s theme was: “Managing to Make a Difference”. It invites to reflect on whether and how we can make a difference. The BAM 2013 Conference Committee was Ossie Jones, Jacky Holloway, Mike Zundel and Monika Narvydaite. The plenary speech was by Professor Roy Suddaby, editor of the Academy of Management Review. The Conference was held at Aintree Racecourse. The gala dinner was held in Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral staring a Beatles tribute band. Professional development workshops, doctoral symposium, conference tracks, full paper and developmental paper sessions were held in entrepreneurship, human resource management, organizational psychology, research methodology, innovation, knowledge and learning (see Lisa Anderson’s presentation on knowledge transfer), gender in management, public management and governance, strategy, organizational transformation change and development, marketing and retail, organizational studies, corporate governance, strategy and practice, international business and management, identity, e-business and e-government, performance management, leadership, cultural and creative industries and sustainable and responsible business.

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Together with Peter Sharp I was accepted to present our joint research:

“Why storytelling helps develop personnel development plans in cross-cultural environments?”



I was session chair of one the International Tracks on Thursday 12 September 14:00  – 15:30 with the following presentations:
1) The Impact of National Identity on Policy Formulation: the case of Estonia (Mikecz, Robert)
2) Unravelling Business negotiations – insights from an international survey (Fells, Ray; Rogers, Hellen; Prowse, Peter; Ott, Ursula)
3) Developments in studies of cross-border mergers and acquisitions (1996-2011) (Chaudary, Samra; Shahid, Saad)
4) The Impact of Emerging Market Firms’ Organizational Resoure on Post Cross-border Acquisition Performance: The Mediating Role of Multinationality (Kim, PhilSoo; You, JaeJoon; Paik, KyungTai).

Here we are:



Please click on the following link to download the full conference program

BAM2013_Conference _Programme

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