Academy of Management – Carolyn Dexter Award 07 August 2016, Anaheim, California – Annual Conference




The Carolyn Dexter Award is an all-Academy award given to the paper that best meets the objective of internationalizing the Academy of Management. This serves the mission of the Academy and the charge of the International Theme Committee, which sponsors this Award.  Each of the Academy’s Divisions & Interest Groups nominates one annual meeting submission for this prestigious award each year, up to three of these nominations may be selected to receive the award. Each paper nominated for the Carolyn Dexter Award is designated as such on the program.

The 2016 Carolyn Dexter Award will be presented at the International Theme Committee’s Carolyn Dexter Award Reception at the 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management in Anaheim, California. 

All authors of nominated papers, colleagues and nominators are invited to attend the Carolyn Dexter Award presentation on Sunday, August 7 (details will be posted to this page soon).


“Cultural Uncertainty as Moderator of the Organizational Formalization Puzzle”
Submitted to Organizational Behavior
Authors: Ronald Fischer, Maria Cristina Ferreira, Kubilay Gok, Nathalie van Meurs, Ding-Yu Jiang, Johnny Fountaine, Charles Harb, Jan Cieciuch, Mustapha Achoui, Soc Mendoza, Arif Hassan, Andrew Mogaji, Donna Achmadi

“Germanic vs Turkic Negotiators’ Ethical Propensity and Formal Contracts:The Moderating Role of Trust”
Submitted to Conflict Management
Authors: Abraham Stefanidis, Moshe Banai, Ana Shetach, Ursula Schinzel, Svetlana Shakirova, Herbert Goelzner, Ahmet Erkus, Mehmet Ferhat Özbek

“Paradoxes of Change”
Submitted to Organization Development and Change
Authors: George I. Kassinis, Alexia Panayiotou

“Field-Level Legitimization of Corporate Tax Minimization”
Submitted to Critical Management Studies
Authors: Mattia Anesa, UNicole Gillespie, A. Paul Spee, Kerrie Sadiq

“A Comprehensive and Multi-Purpose Global Research Performance Information System”
Submitted to Management Education and Development
Authors: Olga Ryazanova, Peter McNamara, Herman Aguinis

The Carolyn Dexter and William H. Newman Awards are all-Academy awards, selected by an inclusive nomination process and dedicated award committees. Each paper is self-nominated through the Academy’s abstract submission entry portal to the division or interest group of their choice. Each of the twenty-five divisions or interest group program chairs then nominates one paper to be considered by the respective award committee. From this pool, the award committees formally review and select recipients for the awards.

AOM 2016 Theme: Making Organizations Meaningful

76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

THEME: Making Organizations Meaningful

2016 Annual Meeting Theme Image

Academy of Management Vice President and Program Chair

Mary Ann Glynn, Boston College

Anaheim, California, United States

August 5 – 9, 2016

Organizations occupy a central role in the ways we live our lives, for better and for worse.  They enable   us to be more efficient, to access goods and services faster than ever before, and to share information and experiences across the globe. And yet, they are not unproblematic.  Recently, there have been highly publicized corporate scandals, Wall Street corruption, and failures of government to meet the needs of its citizens, with a resulting rise in public distrust and questioning of organizations’ reasons for being.  We often take as given that an organization’s purpose to produce economic value; and, although economic value can often add to social value, sometimes it does not.  This disjuncture raises the question of meaningfulness.




University of Miami Best Reviewer Award 23-25 October 2014

This award recognizes the best reviewers who helped the 2014 AIB-SE conference authors receive quality and timely feedback. The nominees are: …..

12. Ursula Schinzel

See page 14 here:


Academy of International Business –
USA 2014 Annual Conference
Sustainability, Institutions, and Emerging Markets
October 23 – 25, 2014
Florida International University
Miami, FL


Best Paper Award at the 2015 Academic OASIS / IAABR – Key West International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference 15-17 March 2015

At the Key West International Conference 15-17 March 2015 I was awarded the BEST PAPER AWARD in the category e-Papers.






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