International Human Resources Management and Strategic Human Resources Management

Strategic Human Resource Management, Organizational structure, Human Resource structure and Human Resource Management, Human Resource Planning, International Human Resource policies, Global Recruitment, Selection of International Managers, Global Talent Training, Global Performance Management, Compensation, Repatriation, Global Ethics are the center of the research. Core competencies in Human Resources are: Innovation, Outstanding Service, Quality, Special Skills, Productivity. Strategic Human Resources Management is about the organizational use of employees to gain and/or keep a competitive advantage against competitors. Core competencies are a unique capability in the organization that creates high value and that differentiates the organization from its competition. Factors that determine Human Resource Plans are: Strategy of the Organization and the Culture of the Organization who determine the Need for Human Resources in quantity and skills levels. The Competitive Financial Environment and the Current Organizational Situation determine the available Financial Resources. These again determine Human Resources Plans and Policies for Recruiting, Selection, Human Resource development, Compensation, Performance Management, Staffing Adjustment.

Multinational’s staffing policies are ethno-centric, poly-centric, regio-centric, geo-centric. Ethno-centric staffing policy: means, all major decisions are mat at HQ’s, HQ’s philosophy, strategies and policies are imposed on the subsidiaries, expatriate managers are assigned to head all subsidiaries, local managers are not assigned internationally. Poly-centric staffing policy: means, decisions are made in the subsidiaries, subsidiaries enjoy high level of autonomy, local managers are assigned to head the subsidiaries, HQ’s managers and specialists are sent for coordination for short periods of time, local managers are trained at HQs. Regio-centric staffing policy: means, the world is divided into major business regions, decisions are made at regional HQ’s, managers or the same region are assigned within the regional boundaries, promotion is possible within regions but not across regions and not to International HQs. Geo-centric policy: means, global thinking and decision making, the right person is assigned to the right job at the right time regardless of nationality, expatriate managers, local managers and third country nationals are assinged globally including to HQ’s.

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