Working in Luxembourg: important HR issues and challenges

HR issues and challenges in Luxembourg are varied. Many reasons make, that HR in Luxembourg is difficult. The following will show us why.

First, Luxembourg is having problems of attracting people to its country. The question is, how can Luxembourg find the qualified people?

Second, Luxembourg not only needs to attract people, but real talent. The next question is, how can Luxembourg attract talent?

Third, Luxembourg has to train its own people, the people who are already in Luxembourg.

The issues are the talent, the training, the different languages everybody has to be able to speak together with the talents.  Concerning education and training, the new University has todevelop different programs, for example Master Programs, Distance Learning Programs, Part/time Programs for working people and lifelong leraning programs.

Finally, in conclusion, the HR issues in Luxemborug are mainlz to finding the qualified people for the open positions, to finding talent and educate the talent. The next issue to offer an attractive live in Luxemborug to make these talents come and stay.

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