Can Individuals still make a difference?

That individuals make a difference is the subject of this discussion. That’s see why.
First of all, science and religion are opposed by the fact that scientists don’t believe that there is something behind scientific knowledge.

Believers say that deepest mysteries in life bring us to uncertainty and trust.

Scientists look at nature and trty to find the truth. Science has invented medicine, agriculture, technology.

Religion is about believe and about finding a meaning and purpose in our lives. Religion gives responsibility to our lives. Empowering our people is to reduce ethical failures. Our character decides about the things we do. We are ethically arrogant. Instead, we should be ethically humble. Enlightened leadership means not only Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, but also individuals.

Leaders do something together with their followers. The follower follows because he is member of something bigger than himself, because of recognition and adherence o a group. 

In conclusion, for all of these reasons, individuals really make a difference.

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